Teaching Interests

  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation

  • Research Methods

  • Organization and Management Theory

  • International Business and European Antitrust Law

Teaching Experience

University of Essex, Colchester, UK (Scheduled 2022/2023)

Core Courses

  • Research Methods (UG, MSc.)

  • Business Planning and Projects (MBA)

  • Introduction to Management (UG)


  • MBA Projects and UG Capstone

University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, USA

New elective

  • Minority and Immigrant Entrepreneurship, 3rd and 4th year BBA - Entrepreneurship Certificate at the College of Business Administration

IE Business School, Madrid, Spain

Core Courses

  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation, 3rd year BBA

  • Research Methods, 4th year BBA


  • Topics on Controversies in Entrepreneurship and Strategy, Academic advisor for final research projects for 4th year BBA

  • Topics in Entrepreneurship, Academic advisor for final research projects for 4th year BBA

Brown-IE Executive MBA

  • TA for Global Trends Seminar

Kedge Business School, Bordeaux & Paris, France

Core Courses

  • European Competition and Business Law, Master in International Business

  • International Business Law and Dispute Resolution Mechanisms, Master in International Business

NOTE: All courses in the Business schools above were taught in English. The audience comprised a large proportion of students from all over the world.

Faculty of Law, University of Orléans, Orléans, France

Bachelor of Laws Core Courses

  • Constitutional Law

  • Administrative Law

  • International Law

Master of Laws Courses

  • Core course: Competition and Economic Law

  • Elective: Aviation Law

NOTE: All the courses at the Faculty of Law were taught in French.